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LoriotPro has extended the LUA sripting language by providing its own LUA libraries. The new functions provided are dedicated to the creation of monitoring and SNMP automation application.


‘description’ = lp.GetSNMPObjectDescription('oid');


The lp.GetSNMPObjectDescription LUA function retrieves the description filed of a MIB object.


‘oid’                A character string of the snmp object identifer.

Warning ! The object should be in teh MIB database, (MIB compiled), It is not possible to use the doted notation.

Return Values

‘description’               A charater string with the description of the MIB object if it is not empty in the MIB file.

Warning  ! In case of duplicate name in the MIB tree, you must use the extended syntax.



Return nil if an error occurs


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Extensions du language LUA

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Trying to search for a descritpion of the MIB BRIDGE-MIB (rfc1493).




         dot1dStpTimeSinceTopologyChange OBJECT-TYPE

              SYNTAX  TimeTicks

              ACCESS  read-only

              STATUS  mandatory


                      "The time (in hundredths of a second) since the

                      last time a topology change was detected by the

                      bridge entity."


                      "IEEE 802.1D-1990: Section"

              ::= { dot1dStp 3 }

          dot1dStpDesignatedRoot OBJECT-TYPE

              SYNTAX  BridgeId

              ACCESS  read-only

              STATUS  mandatory


                      "The bridge identifier of the root of the spanning

                      tree as determined by the Spanning Tree Protocol

                      as executed by this node.  This value is used as



                      the Root Identifier parameter in all Configuration

                      Bridge PDUs originated by this node."


                      "IEEE 802.1D-1990: Section"

              ::= { dot1dStp 5 }


 The scipt :

description = lp.GetSNMPObjectDescription('dot1dstptimesincetopologychange');

lp.Print("dot1dstptimesincetopologychange : \n\n", description,"\n");

description = lp.GetSNMPObjectDescription('dot1dstpdesignatedroot');

lp.Print("dot1dstpdesignatedroot : \n\n", description,"\n");



mib object description 

Warning  ! The format of the retruned string is the same as in the MIB file.

We will use a full name to be sure that the retrieve object description is the good one. 

mib object description