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Script as virtual SNMP object

Everywhere in LoriotPro, graph programs and plugins require to make snmp get on snmp object. To simplify the access to script from this programs it is possible to define virtual snmp object in a proprietary mib file that is linked to a script program. Performing a request on this virtual snmp object launch a script instead of making a real snmp request.

The link between a snmp object and a script is realized in this proprietary MIB file that has proprietary tags and syntax.

All the scripts can be added in the LUTEUS mib file and called as common snmp objects. In return, a script can perform multiple snmp get and data treatment and provide the result to the upper calling program or plugin.

By default the LUTEUS-SCRIPT-STANDARD-MIB is provided in the Extended Editionn of LoriotPro (file bin/mibs/1-lp_script-standard.mib) and contains snmp virtual objects (scripts) ready to use.

The extension of the MIB file fo adding new snmp virtual objects (scripts) is possible. ASN1 syntax should be respected and the ACCESS level of the object should be of lp_access_script type.