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Script parameters edition area

The LoriotPro LUA script use 4 input parameters and 2 output parameters.

Table of input parameter


lp_host The IP address of a host
lp_oid A snmp object identifier (SMI MIB object)
lp_index An index of a snmp object. This one should start with a dot.
lp_trace 1 - enable trace mode
0- disable trace mode

The debug mode (lp_trace = 0) is always disable outside the LUA script development environment

The table of output parameter



A value of type INTEGER (a double for 64 bits support)

lp_buffer A character string

In the variable editon area, you can change the input variable at will.

LUA script input and output parameters

A double click on a variable field open the edition dialog box

lua input parameter

You can launch a script by the F5 key or from the menu

Start a script

The ouput parameter are written in the Value out field

When the return parameter are of string type the lp_value is always 0.