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Using Active View initialization script

Running a LUA script when loading a modal Active View is possible. Modal Active View are used to display information that do not need to be updated permanently.

Modal Active View are launched from another Active View, from the report center, from the LoriotPro menu, from a directory shortcut object. Object in the Active View are updated at their polling interval until the view stay opened.

To call the LUA script when calling the view you should specify the script parameters in the Active View option dialog .

Parameter Description
Default IP Address

The lp_host parameter is initialized with the contents of this field.

Warning: When you use a directory shortcut object for calling the modal ACtive View the lp_host (IP address) parameter passed to the script is the one specified in the shorcut command line. This allows to work with the "defip" concept and this parameter is then replace by the IP address of the shortcut

LUA StartUP Script The LUA script that you want to run when openning the Active View
OID Parameter A snmp oid that will initialized the lp_oid variable of the script
INDEX Parameter A snmp index that will initialized the lp_index variable of the script