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Needs for processing SNMP data, directory information, graphical maps

The SNMP agent and the SNMP protocol do not perform data treatment on the collected value. This task should be handled by the SNMP manager.
We have taken a simple example to explain the current limitation in SNMP management. We want to know a simple management indicator with is the percentage of utilization of a hard disk, the logical C unit of our Microsoft server. But by default the SNMP agent of Windows doesn’t provide this information. The only values that with can get are available through the HOTS RESSOURCE MIB defined by the RFC2790 mib file.
The value provides obtained from this MIB is the number of cluster used by a disk. We should first know :

to be able to calculate the utilization in percent.

All this tasks can only be done by a set of sequential tasks and processing instructions (a program or a script).

  1. Identifying which MIB contains the SNMP value require for our treatment
  2. Identifying which objects in the MIB have to be read
  3. Identifying the index of the hardware device
  4. Reading the SNMP data required
  5. Processing the data and performing the calculation
  6. Displaying the result as text or graph.

In the next chapters, we will go step by step through this tasks.