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LoriotPro window library (function lpw...)

Windows and Wizard functions
lpw.MsgBox - Display a message box
lpw.RequestString - Popup window for a character string input
lpw.TimedMessageBox - Display a timed message box
lpw.FileDialog - Display the file selection dialog box
lpw.MIBTablePicker - Display the MIB table selection wizard
lpw.GetColor - Display the color selection dialog box
lpw.GetIPFromDirectory - Get an IP address with the directory host selection wizard
lpw.GetIntervalTime - Time interval selection wizard
lpw.EditString - Display an edit character string dialog box
lpw.MIBExpertDlg - Display the MIB object selection wizard
lpw.SelectClipart - Display the clipart selection wizard
lpw.GetUIDFromDirectory - Display the directory UID selection wizard
lpw.SetSnmpDlg - Display the SNMP Set dialog box
lpw.GetEventNumber - Display a wizard for selecting an event
lpw.MibTabDlg - Display SNMP data in table
lpw.ShellExecute - Run a shell Windows program
lpw.ReportGeneratorDlg - Display the report generator dialog box
lpw.LoadPlugin - Launch LoriotPro direct plugin
lpw.Console - Open a console
lpw.ConsoleAddText - Display text on the console
lpw.ConsoleKill - Close a console