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Launching script from menu

LoriotPro LUA Scripts can be lauched from the LoriotPro main menu or from the contextual menu of a host defined in the LoriotPro directory. In both case the IP address of the current selected host is passed as a parameter to the script and initialize the internale variable p_host.

From the host contextual menu

In the screen shot below the LoriotPro host is selected and a mouse right click displays the contextual menu.

run lua script menu
Host contextual menu, srun script otpion

The next screen allow you to select the script to run

list of  lua script

We choose the luacom-02.lua script that load a com component.

A script console is displayed and the script is immediatly executed. You can retart it manually by click on the restart button. A popup button is displayed and allow to break the script during execution time. It can be possible that this button has no effect and hat you have to wait the complete execution of the script

LUA script console window
Script execution console window

In the next example below, we check that the variable lp_host which is the current IP address of the selected host is well transmitted to the script.

Execution of this scrip in the script console window

From the LoriotPro main menu

We can start a script from the main menu of LoriotPro. Beware of having a host selected first in the directory.

Next steps are identical to contextual menu access