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Lauching a modal Active View and a LUA script from a host shortcut

A shortcut attached to a host of the directory allow you to open a modal Active View. This one can be set up for launching a LUA script when starting. In the following example an Active View is open and it contents, a network map with routers and networks, is dynamically created.

When the ACtiveView editor is opened choose the Edit -> Options

We select a LUA sript. In our example : lpav.Insert_Internetwork_Map.lua.

We save the active view under a new name

We quit the editor

We select a host and insert a short Cut

Beware the LUA file name is in short format and IP address should be specified.

The shorcut is added in the directory tree

A simple click start it. The Active View my_script_01.cmp is displayed and the LUA script lpav.Insert_Internetwork_Map.lua is launched.

script console

The script console window is remove and the Active View window appears

network map

Warning: the IP address set in the short cut command parameter is used as default IP address in the Active View. You can attach a shortcut under LoriotPro host object (IP address that open an ACtive View that use as defautlt IP address for example.

network map created by LUA script