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LUA scripting language implementation

The LUA language is embedded in LoriotPro and provide all its powerful scripting functions and its set of extended libraries. All the specific needs requires to perform management task in LoriotPro are now available as a set of script functions. With this new LUA functions you will be able to perform the main SNMP queries, loriotPro directory object manipulation and Active View object manipulation.

Scripts are simple text file that should follow the LUA language syntax. Scripts are accessible and can be executed from many place in LoriotPro. Scripts can be call from the directory wuth the shortcut object, from Active View, from the report center etc. Script are stored by default in the \bin\config\script\ directory of LoriotPro.

One of the major concept introduced with LoriotPro scripting is the SNMP virtual object. SNMP virtual object are script defined in LoriotPro proprietary MIB file and thus can be used like other SNMP object anywhere in LoriotPro programs and LoriotPro plugins.

A LoriotPro Script Developpement Environment (LSDE) is available with LoriotPro and allow you to create, to test and debug scripts.

LoriotPro uses the LUA version 5.02 in DLL mode allowing the access to external libraries.