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Introduction to scripting in Active View

Active View allows you to graphically display network maps, logical structures maps, geographical maps and almost any visual representation of your information system. Scritping in Active View give you an unprecedented control on the dynamic properties of the graphical object of an Active View. Graphical objects can interact between them, move on the map, be created and destroy on the fly, etc.

Active View contains dynamic graphical objects and their colors reflect their current working status or usage.

LoriotPro LUA scripts can be used by the graphical objects of Active View.

The scripts are called at regular interval (the polling frequency of each object). All the objects located in an Active View are in a chained list. Each time that a timer ended the script attached to an object is executed. All executions are sequenced within an Active View, only one script can be executed at a time.

It is possible to disable the script execution by the script itself but of course the script will not be able to restart itself. A script can change the parameters of another object of the Active View.