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Introduction to LoriotPro scripting with LUA language

LUA scripting extends the capabilities of LoriotPro in the domains of SNMP management and SNMP monitoring, event management, network map management, LP directory management and Active View creation.

The LoriotPro Extended Edition and Broadcast Edition adds the support of the LUA scripting language and is open to the creation and development of management applications by anyone involve in management tasks.

Available in Broadcast Edition of LoriotPro and Extended Edition of LoriotPro

LUA script language is easy to understand and to maintain. The powerful management functions available with LoriotPro LUA libraries make easy the development of management applications. Scripting enables complex pre and post processing of SNMP collected data and re-try logic to be implemented. Correlation between different SNMP state values can help you to realize a very smart network or system monitoring solution.

This Extended Edition provides also numerous script applications that can be used to perform advanced and proprietary SNMP data treatment.

One of the most powerful feature of the scripting is the creation on the fly of Active View, an Active View that represents a network device front or back panel. This functionality enables any hardware manufacturer to create their own device view and provide it to their customers.