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Introduction to LUA extension library

LoriotPro has extended the LUA sripting language by providing its own LUA libraries. The LoriotPro LUA libraries add a set of functions that help you to develop your monitoring and management application fast and easily. This library interfaces your application with LoriotPro and its powerful resources and features like the directory access, the MIB object tree browsing, the SNMP queries, the Active View design etc.

The first library provides a set of functions starting by the characters lp like LoriotPro. These functions are all of the format lp.function(params). They can all be use in the LUA script within LoriotPro software.

The second one provides a set of functions starting by lpav like LoriotPro Active View. These functions allow you to manipulate all the Active View and its object only. These functions are all of the format lpav.function(params). They can be used in Active View scripts only.

The last one is an external library that allows you to launch the LoriotPro wizard. LoriotPro wizard helps you for example to select a host in the directory, a snmp object in the MIB tree, etc.

You can also find on the WEB a lot of LUA library that can extend the capabilities of the scripting language. Read the chapter that explains how to use external libraries.

The LUA reference manual provides information about the language syntax and the available functions included in the LUA scripting language by default.