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Using Global Object

To be able to use the GLOBAL OBJECTS a methodic approach must be followed.

The tasks below should be performed to get a working and scalable configuration. ·        

Define the naming convention for your GLOBAL OBJECTS and Global Object Groups.

The naming is very important to easily identify the entities and what they are used for. By Default a Global Object represent a performance indicator or a set of performance indicator. If the object is used for the monitoring of a single or of multiple SNMP data from a single server then the object may contain the server name and a synthetic description likes: SRV1-AVIALABILITY .

If for exemple you should monitor the operationnal status of a network interface on multiple routers like in the example blow:

global object Name

The naming covention is:

RTR for routers

FRA, BRA, AUS the international three letter of the country

IF0, IF1, the network interface number

OperStatus a description of what we collect (here the ifoperstatus SNMP object)