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Available script types with Active View

LoriotPro LUA scripts can be used for different purposes within the Active View. We list below the fifferent cases:
  1. Script can be defined in each graphical objects expression with the virtual snmp object concept. Instead of doing a real SNMP request a fake request on a virtual snmp objet can call a LUA script.
  2. Script can be directly called with the Getipoid expression of each graphical object. In that case mathematical functions are used to perform calculation on the retrieved snmp object value.
  3. A direct call to a script file with parameters.
  4. A script can be call by a mouse double click on any graphical object.
  5. A script can be called from contextual menu option of each graphical object of an Active View.
  6. A script can be launched from the main menu.
  7. A script can be launched when a modal Active View is opened