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Alias Object


Alias objects are available in the directory. This new type of objects allows the duplication of existing host object, to use them in groups of objects by functions or service and then to follow the status of the group.

As example, it is possible to create a group (Organization Unit) monitoring the messaging service that contains all the required resources, Alias or not. The underlying resources can be servers but also auditing modules to DNS, to the outgoing SMTP to internal or external services. In case of unavailability of one of these resources, the messaging service can be considered as degraded and some visual alarms, sound messages, e-mails or SMS may be triggered.

COncept of alias in LoriotproActive View on alais in LoriotPro

In this example the Messaging Service item contains aliases as item. On the ACtive View the object display the current status of the messaging services also. If one of the state of one the alias change the Messaging Service Group will change.

Alias object creation

The creation of an Alias objet is always manual or eventually done by a LUA script function.

In the directory select the father object where you want to add the new Alias object and click the:

right mouse button and select Insert Object and Alias of

Insert Alias Object in LoriotPro Directory

or from the main menu select the option Directory then the Insert Object option and then Alias of

The selection wizard displayed, yopu can then select the parent object of the Alias.

Select Parent of the Alias

How to find the original object of an alias object

Once created it could be useful to know the original objet of an alias.

Select the Alias object in the directory and and click the:

right mouse button and select Locate ALias Item

The parent of the Alias become selected in the Directory