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Broadcast Edition

LoriotPro Broadcast Edition is the flagship product of LUTEUS, a French monitoring and automation software publisher. LoriotPro is a Microsoft Windows® application offering powerful Network Management Systems (NMS) at a competitive cost.

The Broadcast Edition is recognized by its logo Logo Broadcast edition de LoriotPro

With the Broadcast Edition of the LoriotPro software, you have a real control tower of your broadcast infrastructure.  It gives you a full and synthetic vision of its overall availability and performance.

LoriotPro is above all a powerful query engine (polling) capable of monitoring hundreds of equipments and thousands of variables in a second to effectively inform you of critical situations.
The engine leverages the power of Windows® multitasking and asynchronous processing for the interrogation and collection of information about the items monitored. Internet protocols IP, PING, SNMP, TCP, are used extensively, plus strategies for custom requests. Many query parameters are extremely flexible. Each device has its own parameters, frequency, type, time, alarm level and so on.

Using IP convergence and the Internet management protocols SNMP, LoriotPro makes it possible to integrate, into one solution, the monitoring and automation of audiovisual infrastructures. This covers: distribution boards, the infrastructure backbone, data centers, earth stations, headends, HFC networks, DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S digital television platforms, satellite links, WaterMarking services, etc.

Broadcast Newtork monitoring LoriotPro

Monitoring broadcast network and playout

Our solution installs in minutes on a Microsoft Windows™ system in a physical or virtual environment. The discovery of your networks and devices can be automatic and the monitoring of your infrastructure by setting filters and actions on alarms can be finalized right after.

The adoption of the SNMP standard by all software publishers and network or Broadcast equipment manufacturers is not without some constraints. The wide varieties of systems cause the incapacity to put into place solutions that are identical as well as systematic. LoriotPro responds perfectly to this challenge of adapting the tool to meet the diversity of problems on monitoring, from the simplest to the most complex. All this is thanks to the flexibility and extensibility provided by the complete integration of the LUA script programming language.

LoriotPro is polymorphic and covers a large spectrum of features:

Strategies are fully customizable requests based on the scripting language LUA, providing unlimited possibilities. Many examples of strategies are available and the integrated development environment allows you to create your own strategies.
With strategies, regular checks on the availability and performance of systems, applications even groups of components of your infrastructure are thus made possible. The information collected is then used in reports of quality of service.