Supervision of the video diffusion within the control room of Métropole Télévision

Luteus, thanks to its software of supervision andautomation LoriotPro, is solution provider at many companies of audio-visual, digital diffusion TV and in the manufacturers of Audio and Video equipment.

This article presents an implementation of our solution in the control of diffusion of the group Métropole Télévision which we have the pleasure of counting among our customers.

Fabrice Tauzies project manager at the Management of the Technological Means at Métropole Télévision was allured by the solution LoriotPro Extended Edition for several reasons: “LoriotPro is a very open software which enables us to supervise many equipment established in our control of diffusion. It is equipped with a language of Open Source script giving us the advantage of not being limited in our various requests. Its price is interesting because it is not function of the number and the type of equipment to be supervised. ”.

palyout metropolis M6 televisionCreated in 1987 around the M6 chain, the Group Métropole Télévision is a multi-media French group, offering a broad range of programs, products and services available on the most various supports: television, Internet, mobile phone…
Second commercial chain of the market, the offer of M6 is supplemented by W9, chain leader of the TNT (Digital terrestrial television), around whose a family of 8 paying chains present revolves on all the platforms of diffusion.
Contents editor declinable and exploitable on all the supports, the group develops a strategy of diversifications via his subsidiaries, in particular M6 Web and M6 Interactions, and of the offers innovating such as his television of correction M6 Replay or M6 mobile by Orange.

The multiple equipment which composes a TV channel is connected between them by transport networks essential to the routing of the video stream/audio but also for the techniques data exchange of administration and monitoring. In the phases of production the audio-visual emissions are handled in the form of files and are transferred onto many networks in Ethernet technology and by protocol IP (Internet Protocol). It is thus quite naturally that the supervision of the equipment of audio-visual production and diffusion is based on protocol SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). SNMP is a tested standard and now supported in all the manufacturers of audio-visual materials (Broadcast).
Our software LoriotPro, aSNMP manager essentially is thus an ideal solution to monitor the availability and the performance of the components of the technical infrastructures of audio and video diffusion.
LoriotPro is used within the control of diffusion of the Group Métropole Télévision for the supervision of the various chains of the group as for that of the measuring instruments of audience (watermarking).

The supervision of the signals

The use of LoriotPro for the monitoring of the presence of video signal of diffusion for the various chains TV is not conventional because not using protocol SNMP. Monitoring carried out by an interface of input/output of the type GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) connected to equipment of presentation in mosaic of mark model Evertz MVP®. This equipment detects the absence of video signal or audio as well as the freeze (still image) and actuates a port GPIO then. The detection of the change of state is carried out by a chart GPIO of the Digimetrie company directly installed on the Windows machine lodging the software of LoriotPro supervision. LoriotPro detects the change of state on the various ports available of entry/left the chart. Any change of state is associated with a chain TV and causes an audible alarm and a visual alarm on the console of supervision.
The GUI uses the concept of Active View (visual in insert) which makes it possible to create made-to-order of synoptic and instrument panels of supervision. The graphic objects and mainly their color are controlled by conditional expressions. The expressions in the solution put in work exploit the powerful language of OPEN script source LUA which is integrated into LoriotPro. A set of functions LUA to access GPIO card was developed specifically for this purpose. The narrow integration of functions of supervision to language LUA makes it possible to treat quickly specific needs while benefitting from a convivial graphic environment for the operators and in the standard environment from Microsoft Windows.

The supervision of the watermarking

With regard to the monitoring of the watermarking equipment, the solution is very classical and rests on protocol SNMP. watermarking observes, measurement and analyzes the behaviors of the public and the spending patterns of programs TV in order to provide to the subscribed chains the audiences in a daily way.
LoriotPro reaches the equipment of watermarking provided by the company Civolution (Old Product of Thomson STS watermarking) by protocol SNMP and control regularly the presence of the good markers of identification of chain in the video signal.

For information, these markers are recovered by audiometers installed among voluntary listeners. The statistics of audience are then centralized for the system Mediamat (in the past TV rating). For the technical sides, the addition of the Thomson proprietary MIB files to the LoriotPro software, enables him to collect the statutes of operation of the tags embedder and to interpret them to set off alarms. Other information is collected by SNMP on the equipment like the statutes of disc, the power suply level, the internal temperature etc.

The group Métropole Télévision has with LoriotPro an open technical solution which it can make evolve with the liking of its needs and by preserving an in-house control of work.