LUTEUS at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam

IBC 2013As every year, professionals from the media production and broadcast are came numerous at IBC in Amsterdam to meet their suppliers and discover theLUTEUS at IBC 2013 new technologies of the near future.

We were present at the DIGIGRAM company booth that invited us to present our LoriotPro Broadcast Edition supervision solution coupled to their solution of distribution in audio over IP.

DIGIGRAM is a long-standing and major player in the world of professional audio, thanks to his mastery in the design and manufacture of audio cards, audio codecs and video codecs. Their audio over IP product range IQOYA is mainly used by broadcasters to transport the audio stream from studio to studio or from studio to transmitter over an IP transport infrastructure. Their devices are natively manageable by SNMP, what more natural so than using our solution to ensure the supervision.

On the booth, the various IQOYA products were present, the LINK and LINK/LE  and SERV/LINK either the  PYKO in, the PYKO out. We invite you to better discover the technical characteristics of these products directly from DIGIGRAM website ( over ip Iqoya device

For the occasion, and to demonstrate the capabilities of DIGIGRAM devices management capabilities and our  SNMP management  solution, we have created a visually simple and synthetic view of the status of the devices and of the paths of the audio over IP streams. For the realization of the Visual, we used the LoriotPro proprietary concept of  Active View as well as the advanced features of automation that  LoriotPro offers with the  LUA language. The use of program LUA was indispensable for the automatic discovering of the paths of the audio over IP streams between IQOYA devices. 

SNMP TRAP alarms are also deferred synthetically in the form of a single red led on the main view to notify the operator of any anomaly occurring on equipment. The visualization of all the alarms of the equipment is quickly accessible from the interface as well as the capability to acknowledge these. The user interface also allows to directly access the WEB interface of the IQOYA codecs to take control.


 digigram audio over ip case study

Discovery and display of the audio over IP links between codecs

The layout of the paths is realized by a dedicated LUA program. The SNMP tables providing the destinations of the audio over IP streams of the IQOYA devices located in the studio are analyzed first to create points of interconnection between studios and transmitter (located in the center of the cloud network). Then equipment located on the transmission sites and especially the source SNMP tables are analyzed to create connections between the sites of diffusion and the previously created points of interconnection. The relationship is based on peer source IP and source Port to destination IP and destination port. The principle is applicable to unicast and multicast streams. 

Dotted paths are alternative paths for the stream. IQOYA equipments have two Ethernet cards allowing them to emit and receive the same audio feed. In case of a loss of one of the paths, due to a network failure for example, the audio stream is automatically resumed on the alternating route seamlessly.

path routing of audio over ip source

The Broadcast Edition of LoriotPro used on the IBC convention offers close performance of real time for the report to display of the SNMP collected data. The frequency of collection of data on devices can be reduced to the second and thus provides an immediate reaction in case of anomaly among operators. Similarly, receipt of an SNMP alarm from the equipment, the Visual is updated in the next second if necessary.

In conclusion, LoriotPro Broadcast Edition software is the tool suitable for the supervision of the infrastructure of the world audiovisual thanks to its flexibility of customization as well as its performance in collecting and processing real-time SNMP indicators.